The CourseKey Difference For Compliance Teams

Learn how implementing CourseKey enables compliance teams to maintain compliance standards and minimize return to Title IV calculations.

How CourseKey Impacts Title IV & Retention Initiatives

In most career education organizations, compliance teams don’t have real-time access to accurate attendance data. The lack of timely and accurate data results in reactive intervention processes, where at-risk students go unidentified and eventually dropped, leading to an increase in returned Title IV funds.


Through CourseKey, compliance teams gain immediate access to student attendance data. Since attendance drives cash flow for schools, CourseKey’s speed creates the game-changing ability to execute immediate intervention outreach to get missing students back into class before having to calculate a return to Title IV.

How CourseKey Ensures Your School Meets Compliance Standards

When using CourseKey, compliance teams no longer have to scramble to pull together student attendance records for audits. By automating the attendance record-keeping process, your organization eliminates the need for last-minute manual entry and can execute an error-free reporting process.


By digitizing attendance records through student profile pages, your team eliminates the need to store paper attendance records and will always be prepared for audits and regulatory site visits.

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