The CourseKey Difference For Owners & Executives

Learn how implementing CourseKey enables owners and executives to drive strong enrollments and maintain compliance.

How CourseKey Helps Maintain Strong Enrollment Numbers

Career education organizations that implement CourseKey are able to prevent student dropouts, which in turn leads to returning fewer funds to Title IV.

By providing real-time access to student attendance data to know if a student is progressing or not, your teams gain the opportunity to intervene as soon as a student starts missing hours and get them back on track quickly and in the best position for job placement.

By maintaining a competitively high placement rate, your organization strengthens its attraction for future student enrollment.

Additionally, by implementing CourseKey, your organization can be best positioned to provide students with a cutting-edge and easy-to-use experience that can improve student engagement, retention, and word of mouth.

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How CourseKey Helps Prepare For Audits & Maintain Compliance

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Career education organizations often have to scramble to pull together student attendance records for audits, which can lead to errors in reporting and potential findings, require accurate data from the get-go, and demands time, money, and storage space to maintain physical records.

CourseKey enables leadership to automate the attendance record-keeping process, eliminating the need for last-minute manual entry and providing an error-free reporting process.

By fully digitizing attendance records, you can say goodbye to your treasure trove of paper records, letting your organization save time, money, and physical space.

Outside of audit season, the leadership-level data available through CourseKey will enable you and your staff to monitor how well your instructors are following program policies.

I cannot express enough how much I love the system and the level of accountability it brings. I also love the instant and live view of who is in attendance versus who is absent.


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