The CourseKey Difference For Registrars

Learn how implementing CourseKey enables registrars to save time, improve accuracy, and intervene with at-risk students faster.

How CourseKey Simplifies Attendance-Related Workflows

Digitizing and streamlining attendance processes through CourseKey enables registrars to improve data accuracy and save hours per day normally spent on attendance-related tasks.

Because CourseKey attendance data is generated real-time and available through the cloud, registrars can access attendance data immediately, instead of needing to contact instructors to retrieve attendance rosters. This real-time insight means intervention can start as soon as a student misses a check-in, rather than days or weeks after the fact.

Plus, CourseKey integrates with the systems your organization already uses, like your SIS, giving registrars back hours typically spent manually posting attendance.

cosmetology student holding shears over designed background

I was spending 2-3 hours per day on corrections before CourseKey and now I spend about 20 minutes per day making adjustments. I cannot express enough how much I love the system and the accountability it brings.


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