How To Easily Track Practical Services Without Worksheets

For cosmetology students to graduate, they must complete a combination of theory hours, hands-on practical hours, and a quota of services. While recording theory and practical hours is a fairly straightforward process, recording completion of services requires more detailed information.

In most cosmetology schools, students record their completion of services using worksheets. Worksheets typically include boxes or fields for all of the practical operations required by the state that students must complete to graduate. They can be physical paper sheets or digital PDF files used on mobile devices. Depending on the school, these sheets are distributed to the students at the very beginning of their program or on a monthly basis.

Recording practical services using worksheets comes with its fair share of issues, which is why many schools leverage CourseKey to track services. Read on to learn about how switching from worksheets to CourseKey results in timely, accurate service data that is available to students and admins in real-time.

Issues With Worksheets

Paper worksheets pose many risks. Students can lose or damage their worksheets and what’s submitted might not be legible. When this happens, students have no choice but to restart from the beginning for the services on that worksheet. This sets the student back in their program, which in turn costs the student more money to pay extra tuition dollars and puts the student at risk of attrition by extending their time to graduation.

Digital worksheets don’t hold the same risks but are still accompanied by problems. Occasionally, students forget to upload their worksheet files to the server, delaying the update to a student’s standing in the SIS. Students may also accidentally break their tablets or iPads, meaning their files are stuck on their device and may not be accessible until the device is fixed or replaced, which could take weeks.

Whether worksheets are paper or digital, at the end of any class session, students are forced to line up to have their worksheet signed off by the instructor. This eats into the time after class instructors could be using to answer student questions or prepare for their next class.

Moving From Worksheets To CourseKey

With these issues in mind, CourseKey designed a way to easily track operations and provide real-time visibility to staff and students without the risk or time requirements associated with manual worksheets.

Tracking services in CourseKey is instructor-driven. After students complete a service, the instructor will record it in CourseKey and the data instantly becomes available to instructors and students. By reducing service tracking to a single step, the accuracy of the data increases dramatically as well because the risk of damaging or losing records is eliminated.

By tracking services in CourseKey, instructors can upload the data into their SIS with a single bulk upload. This spares the instructors (or worksheet specialist) the manual task of entering each student’s data into the SIS individually. Tracking services in CourseKey allows the SIS to be updated shortly after class is over instead of potentially days or weeks after class.

Providing Students With Visibility Into Progress

In addition to the significant decrease in manual data entry and improvement in data accuracy, tracking services in CourseKey provides students with visibility into their up-to-date standing through the student app.

This allows students to check at any point how many services they’ve completed and how many they still need to go. If on a Sunday evening, a student wants to plan out which services they want to complete that week, they can reference their CourseKey app to see, for example, that they’ve completed 77/80 haircuts, and that they should try to complete three in the upcoming week to reach their quota minimum.

Tracking Practical Services With Ease

CourseKey is designed to make student service tracking as simple as possible. By eliminating student-driven paper or digital worksheets, your institution can track student services more efficiently with improved data accuracy, improved visibility into student standings, and hours of admin time saved each week.

To learn more about how CourseKey makes it easy to track practical hours, request a demo by filling out the form below.

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