How Transparency Into Records Benefits Students And Staff

How many of your students can access their attendance records right now? Odds are, the answer is none of them.

Students should be able to check their attendance records whenever they want. Some schools give students access through online portals, but students are still limited because they have to wait for someone to manually input the data. Unfortunately, most schools don’t have a portal in place, meaning students have to contact the registrar’s office and request their attendance records to figure out their standing.

Delayed access to attendance records comes with its share of issues for both students and staff. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to provide students access to their attendance records much earlier, if not in real-time.

Helping Students Become Workforce Ready

Three of the biggest metrics colleges are measured on are retention, graduation, and placement rates. Because placement is so important, many schools place an emphasis on soft skills development to help students learn professionalism and increase their likelihood to land a job.

A critical soft skill students are expected to learn is time management, which is much easier to do with transparency. 

When students can access their up-to-date attendance records, they can become more responsible for making sure they’re meeting their program requirements. And if they are falling behind, they can take steps to ensure they’re on track to complete hours on time. 

When students transition into their career, they will be obligated to clock themselves in and out and meet the required number of hours per week mandated by their employer. 

Using transparency to take full responsibility for their attendance can help students in the job application process, too. Students will be able to point to their exemplary attendance records to prove that they will be a professional and reliable employee. Potential employers being aware that the students took it upon themselves to be on time and in attendance consistently will present the students as more appealing applicants.

Turns Out Ignorance Is Not Bliss

It’s much easier for students to slip up when they aren’t aware of their current standing. 

This is especially true for students completing externship hours. Externships are critical because they’re the last part of a program a student must complete before graduation. They’re also extremely important to skill development because students are performing real-world tasks. But externship hours are difficult to track because of inaccurate attendance methods and slow reporting, meaning students don’t see their attendance record until weeks later. 

When students decide to miss 30 minutes of their externship here or there, or skip a day entirely, that missed time adds up quickly. And because they can’t access their records until later, it’s easy for students to lose track of how much time they have or haven’t accrued. Once they exceed the amount they’re allowed to miss, they are immediately dropped from the program — which is unfortunate because the externship is the last part of their program students must complete before graduation. Allowing students to access and monitor their up-to-date hours in real-time lets them keep themselves on track and accountable so they can complete their hours on time and start their career.

Save Your Registers Time

Providing students with transparency into their progress can save your registrars hours per week that they can spend on their other responsibilities. Registrars are responsible for many vital tasks: handling transcripts, updating schedules, updating rosters, processing enrollment and transfer students, answering students’ questions (even dropped students), and more. The processes they handle are essential to keeping the school running smoothly. 

Because many of their responsibilities are time sensitive, they frequently work 10+ hours a day to get everything completed in time. And oftentimes, while they’re working to complete those tasks, students are interrupting to come ask them for information. A large portion of a registrar’s time is spent servicing students, and more often than not students are asking about their attendance records. Students asking registrars for their records can take up so much time that some registrar offices have created designated student walk-in hours to limit the time registrars spend helping students so they can spend time on other tasks they’re responsible for.

Freeing registrars from sporadically servicing students throughout the day gives them a higher chance of completing other vital tasks on time instead of constantly playing catch-up. Executing processes on schedule can help schools function with fewer complications. 

Trending Towards Transparency

Every student should be able to pull up their attendance record at any time. Giving students access to their own information will empower them to be more accountable for their progression and better positioned to be competitive in the job market, all while saving registrars hours per week to focus on high impact tasks. With the technology available today, transparency into attendance will be a reality for all students. Attendance technology like CourseKey’s mobile attendance solution makes it possible for students to access their attendance record and gradebook in real-time. To learn more, request a demo below and a CourseKey team member will walk you through the platform.

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