Early intervention can make all the difference in student success. So don’t settle for delayed or fragmented data that can keep you from reaching a student in time.


CourseKey automates data collection and integrates your LMS and SIS. You have easy access to the data you need to intervene with at-risk students faster and help more of them to graduate on time. 


Calculate how much revenue could be walking out your door due to student drops

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“The earlier we can intervene and provide additional support services without having to run the reports ourselves, the faster we can get those students graduated.”

Damon Fugett

“CourseKey becomes so much more than tracking grades and attendance, it becomes a way in which we communicate with students about their success.”

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"CourseKey gave me back 12 hours per week previously spent on grading, importing, and Freedom [SIS] management. To have that time back to focus on coaching is huge."

Keep more students on track

Oftentimes, schools track grades, attendance, and other factors across multiple sources. Staff may have insight into student attendance, but may not see student grades until the end of a module, hindering intervention efforts. 


CourseKey allows your staff to intervene earlier with automated alerts based on your policies and priorities. Every member of your staff has the information they need to act quickly and help more students achieve their goals.

How we help


Risk comes from many different factors including grades, attendance, progress, personal life, and more. Measuring risk by attendance alone doesn’t give you the full picture.

CourseKey tracks multiple risk factors including attendance, academics, LDA, and lateness in a customizable dashboard. You decide how important each factor is in assessing student risk levels based on your chosen policies. 


Historically, when staff is monitoring an at-risk student, they’re left waiting until an instructor submits an attendance sheet or enters an asynchronous activity.

CourseKey delivers daily updates of students at low, medium, high, and extreme risk. Your staff can intervene immediately without pulling reports or waiting on instructors.


Students are unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to retention. A student with a perfect attendance record and poor grades has very different needs than a student with perfect grades and a poor attendance record.

With CourseKey, your staff can identify WHY a student is at risk and create a customized plan to help them get back on track.