Introducing Conversion: Convert Canvas Activities to Clock Hours

We’re excited to announce a huge release: a simplified way for schools to maintain compliance for blended learning in a COVID-19 environment within the CourseKey platform.


In the world of blended learning where students are doing half or more of their learning via activities in an LMS (built for credit hours), there is simply no easy way to calculate clock hours completed online. This release is designed to combat the additional workload, inconsistencies, and human error associated with manual data entry.


Read on to learn more about the new conversion functionality and other key changes in this release.

Converting Canvas Activities into Clock Hours

CourseKey’s conversion functionality is now integrated into Canvas so that your school can administer compliant blended learning without changing your LMS. This works by combining hours from synchronous activities (those happening in the live learning environment through CourseKey) and asynchronous activities (activities that students complete in Canvas) into one central location.


School admins can easily assign a time-bound value to asynchronous activities. For example, if a program director determines that a quiz is worth one hour in Canvas, CourseKey converts and pulls the activity into the student’s CourseKey profile as clock hours. This allows you to see total clock hours and the ratio of clock hours from asynchronous and synchronous activities. The full value is then sent directly into your SIS.


CourseKey’s conversion functionality acts as a conduit between the tools your school is already using without you having to worry about compliance.

Updated Student Profile Pages

updated student pages

Admins are now able to accurately see a student’s progress in a blended course in real-time. We’ve added new data visuals into the student profile page enabling users to review a student’s hours attainment within the current week, in addition to updating the progress widget to visualize the full breakdown of hours earned out of hours possible for the duration of the course. The hours data in these widgets include both synchronous and asynchronous activities.


The updated profile pages also display asynchronous “open activities” available to a student but not yet completed, as well as the details of each activity and the due date.

Last Activity Recorded

LAR dashboard for new release that let's you convert canvas activities to clock hours

The most exciting feature of this release is that you can now see when a student’s last activity was recorded, and how many days have gone by since. Real-time data integration has no lag and eliminates the need for administrative staff to enter activities. 


The new Last Activity Recorded (LAR) dashboard allows your admins to easily identify students at risk of dropping out and quickly intervene, helping to improve retention, maintain compliance, and protect cashflow. By leveraging our new centralized location to understand how long it’s been since each student was active, your school can access this data in a timely fashion instead of spending hours to days digging through multiple software systems.

Changes for Students

Students can now track their synchronous vs. asynchronous progress for each course right in the CourseKey gradebook instead of having to check two separate systems or wait for any updates to be posted by their instructor.


By putting all of the data in the student’s hands, they gain around the clock access to their own progress, giving them the insight necessary to take ownership of their success and build the time management skills to excel as future professionals.

Other Improvements

Now admins see how a student was awarded time for an asynchronous activity. Clicking into an activity shows whether a student completed an activity on-time, late, or missed it altogether. This allows users to know exactly how and when clock hours are calculated.

In Conclusion

This new feature gives schools a way to effortlessly manage their blended learning courses by converting Canvas activities into clock hours, automating data input into their SIS, and quickly identifying students who need extra support without spending hours of admin time reviewing data in disparate systems.


If you’re interested in learning more about how your school can use CourseKey to create a single source of truth for course data, maintain compliance for blended learning in a COVID-19 world, and more easily track a student’s last activity recorded, request a demo to speak with a member of the CourseKey team.

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