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Introducing the Knowledge Base

After feedback from instructors, students, and administrators over the last few months, we decided to build you a knowledge base to house all of the basic how-tos and the more in-depth tips and tricks to make your CourseKey experience as easy as possible.

Keep scrolling for a walk through on fully understanding the knowledge base.

Engage in the CourseKey Community

join the coursekey community

Just as we focus on building social channels for students who use CourseKey, we want to build social opportunities for every user who touches CourseKey. Through the Community tab within the Knowledge Base, you can engage in General Discussion, share Success Stories, or even post Feature Requests. 

We built this knowledge base because of what we heard from you. We’re looking forward to seeing what sort of great ideas you generate now that the Community is live.

How to Submit a Request

To submit a request directly to our Success and Support team, you can fill out the Request form linked in the top navigation menu.

When submitting a request, please be as descriptive as possible. The more details you give us initially, the easier it will be for us to pinpoint the exact solution and get you the help you’re asking for as quickly as possible.

If you don’t know how to describe something, you can attach files to send us screenshots, too!

Using Quick Search

If you just want an answer fast instead of diving deeper into one of the in-depth categories, you can use Quick Search from the main page in the Knowledge Base.

Just start typing and we’ll auto-suggest relevant articles. To the right of each article title, we indicate whether that instance is directed toward students or instructors.

Understanding the Students Page

Clicking the Students button on the Knowledge Base landing page brings you here. On this page, students can peruse articles specific to account management, the Android mobile app, and the iOS mobile app.

If there are any how-to guides we’re missing, let us know!

Understanding the General Knowledge Page

coursekey knowledge base general knowledge

Because most functionalities within CourseKey work differently for instructors than they do for students, the bulk of our how-to guides are divided by user type.

As a result, the General Knowledge button brings you to a page focused on basic technical help that is standardized regardless of whether you’re a student or instructor.

Understanding the Instructors Page

Clicking the Instructors button on the Knowledge Base landing page brings you here. On this page, instructors can peruse articles specific to anything instruction or class management related in CourseKey.

We have even more Instructors categories on the Knowledge base, but if there are any how-to guides we’re missing, let us know!

coursekey instructors knowledge base page

We want you to be successful and love every minute you spend interacting with CourseKey. For some of you, that means calling, emailing, or live chatting with our team. But for those of you who prefer to do-it-yourself, this one’s for you.

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