Introducing Multiple Assessments

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Running Multiple Active Assessments

Instructors Can Run Multiple Assessments at Once

Before: A class in CourseKey could only support running one assessment at a time.

Now: Multiple assessments can be open and running at once. This means you can now gain greater utility from CourseKey by running outside of class assignments and in class assignments at once.

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Students Can Participate in Multiple Assessments at Once

Before: Students could only participate in the singular active assessment.

Now: When multiple assessments are open at a time, students are prompted to select which one they want to work on. They can save their work and come back to it later, or move back and forth between however many assessments the instructor has made available at that time.

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Reopening Closed Assessments

Before: Once an assessment was marked as complete, it could not be reopened. If an instructor wanted to open a completed assessment for students who needed to access it, they were required to duplicate the original assessment. This resulted in a messy gradebook and grade confusion for students.

Now: If an instructor needs to reopen a closed assessment, they can do so through the assessment drop down in the Send Assessment tab. This comes in handy for times when an assessment was closed early on accident or in the case that a student needs to make up a missed assessment after the original delivery time. A closed assessment has no limits on how many times it can be reopened, meaning no more messy gradebooks or grade confusion.

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If you’ve never experimented with CourseKey assessments before, you can find an overview of the benefits here. If you want to have a more in depth discussion about how CourseKey assessments could impact your classes, request a demo and we’ll be in touch to chat.

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