Instructors Across the Country Are Enjoying Great Days at Work Thanks to This Technology

Meet Isabelle, a long-time nurse and instructor extraordinaire at an allied health career school. A few years back she decided it was high time to share her passion, knowledge, and career experience with a new generation of devoted student nurses and healthcare professions. And what a journey it’s been since then! While she still enjoys engaging with students and watching them learn, Isabelle has finally discovered her true passion: administrative details! She lives to take attendance and grade assessments. Oh, the thrill of a never-ending parade of numbers and details!

Bull-oney! Isabelle doesn’t enjoy taking attendance and grading assignments. She loves her job as an instructor despite those administrative tasks. Suffering through hours of tedious manual data entry a week is worth it because she gets to work with students on a daily basis. Her actual favorite part of being an instructor is that “aha” moment her students experience. To Isabelle, watching that lightbulb in their minds spark up with understanding and joy is the greatest reward. Her students and their development are what education is all about, and engaging with them and showing them something new are the most fulfilling parts of the job. It’s the very reason Isabelle chose to become an instructor.

Bad Days

As with all of us, Isabelle does have the occasional “bad day.” Last Monday began poorly when Sarah and Josh, two of her best students, were absent as class began. Thankfully, Sarah arrived only ten minutes late, but Josh never made it at all. “Remember to subtract ten minutes from Sarah’s time and follow up with Josh,” she told herself as the class waited for her to begin the lesson. And when it came time to transfer sign-in information from her paper list to the excel spreadsheet required by the registrar, she came across a maddening combination of pencil strokes and chicken scratch. “Who did this and what were they trying to hide”, she thought, “More research to do, but when? I need to prepare for my next class! Why do I even bother.”

It’s now early evening, and Isabelle is still tackling a host of never ending administrative tasks. Quizzes to grade, attendance to reconcile, and a bunch of data to load into the school SIS leaves little time to prepare for tomorrow’s classes. “I guess that relaxing bath I hoped for will have to wait until tomorrow.” She took a deep breath and reminded herself that it’s “all part of the job.”

Good Days

Isabelle has her fair share of good days, too. But that’s all they are. Just good. Even if everything goes well in class, Isabelle still has to take care of a seemingly never-ending parade of routine administrative tasks. On good days, all of her students are in attendance, the sign-in sheet is legible, and there are no quizzes to grade. All she needs to do is enter each student’s attendance into the SIS. It might take her some time at the end of the day, but hey, at least everyone showed up and she had a great teaching day to boot!  “Finally, time for that bath I’ve been dreaming of.”

Going From Good To Great

Fast-forward a few months. Isabelle’s days have truly gone from good to great because her school decided to integrate CourseKey into its classroom operations. At the beginning of each class, students now check-in using their mobile devices and attendance is completed and stored in less than 30 seconds. No wasted time. No fuss. Isabelle can get right into her lecture.

Great days are accompanied by lots of participation from her students, and Isabelle takes full advantage of CourseKey’s engagement tools to keep classroom energy high. Every 15 minutes or so, Isabelle pushes a poll out to her students to gauge their comprehension of the course material or start a class discussion. Through frequent polls, Isabelle keeps her students engaged in the course and focused on learning.

No longer are quiz days automatically bad days for Isabelle! With CourseKey, she automates grading by assigning the correct answer in advance and letting the software calculate the results. And best of all, those pesky, tiresome administrative tasks needed to keep the SIS up-to-date are an ancient memory. Isabelle now uses that time to improve her lecture and answer questions submitted by her students via CourseKey’s “Ask A Question” service. Just yesterday, three of her students submitted messages. Two questions were about course materials, and the third was a thank you for the extra help and attention she offered prior to a quiz. Isabelle smiled to herself, “I really am making a difference.”

For Isabelle, almost every day is smooth and rewarding since CourseKey arrived on the scene. She doesn’t have to worry about taking attendance and grading assessments, and has more time to engage with her students.

Start Your Parade of Great Days

So, how about you? Take a moment to reach out and schedule a conversation CourseKey to take your first step towards a parade of great days for you and your instructors. To schedule a free, live demo of the CourseKey software, fill out the form below. Or contact Jackson directly by calling (208) 660-7669 or emailing him at

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