How to Improve Your Career College’s Resource Allocation by Measuring Instructor Time

Measuring how instructors allocate their time between instruction, office hours, class preparation, and other tasks helps your school better understand how to allocate resources and ensure instructors are empowered to give students the best learning experience possible.


Your school has people in place to manage student success through every step of the educational journey. Ideally, you have real-time visibility into both synchronous and asynchronous student attendance. As a result, you can understand how students spend their time and use that understanding to ensure they have the resources they need to succeed. But what about your instructors? 


Instructors are one of your school’s most valuable resources. This is particularly evident after the valiant effort they’ve made to educate students throughout COVID-19. Their time is important, but without visibility into how they’re spending their time, school administrators are left guessing on staffing and instructor support needs. For example, if a full-time instructor works well over 40 hours a week, they clearly need support, but in what areas? Class load? Administrative duties? Without visibility, administrators are left guessing. 


Measuring how instructors are spending their time is key to school resource management. Read on to learn how your career college can benefit from measuring instructor time.

Ensure your school has the right resources by measuring instructor time

Avoid under-staffing

Ensuring the right instructor-to-student ratio is key to providing the best educational experience and staying compliant. Having a poor ratio can leave students feeling isolated and disconnected from their instructor, increasing the chance that they won’t seek help if they become at-risk. Students who feel connected to their instructor and classmates are more engaged with their education, and therefore more likely to complete their program. 


With a breakdown of how instructors spend their time, administrators can make informed decisions on whether to staff up or down. Over time administrators have a clear view of staffing trends. While some trends will always be seasonal—an increase in grading towards the end of the term—others may signal time to scale. With a combination of student data and instructor time, school leaders can make informed decisions on when to scale. 


Determine how to best support instructors and improve staff retention 

If an instructor is spending as much time on administrative work as they are teaching, then it’s clear that they need additional administrative support. While the need may not merit an additional hire, it may merit other resources like new software or process changes. Ensuring your instructors have all the resources they need to do their job helps keep them happy and reduces burnout. Additionally, when instructors are empowered with the resources they need to be successful, they can devote more time to student success.


Help instructors with time management

One of the best ways to improve time management skills is by starting with a time audit. A time audit helps you see where you’re spending your time, ultimately allowing you to determine opportunities for greater efficiency. While time audits can be done manually using pen and paper, a time measurement software will display a clear visual of where instructors spend their time.

Optimizing through instructor time measurement

Using a time-reporting tool custom-built for career colleges, instructors can measure their time in the same system used for student attendance. Implementing time-reporting software isn’t about micromanaging your instructors or controlling how they spend their time; it’s about measurement and resource allocation. 


Administrators can use data to inform staffing and resource allocation the same way administrators use student data to determine course offerings.

Find an instructor time measurement tool built for career colleges

If you’d like to learn more about how CourseKey’s Instructor Hours program can improve your resource allocation and time management, request a demo today.

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