Team Spotlight: Meet Michael Woo

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We’re big believers in the power of building relationships and strong connections with real humans. To help you get to know us better, we’re putting the spotlight on each of our team members. Our Meet the Team series continues this week with Michael Woo.

What is your role at CourseKey?

I’m the lead software developer for iOS.

What does your day to day look like?

I get to work around 7:30 and the first thing I do is check my calendar to see what I have going on that day and if there are any meetings I have to prepare for. After checking my calendar, I spend 15 minutes reading the news. Seeing what’s up in the world, you know. After 15 minutes of news, I do half an hour of self-improvement, like reading about programming practices and trends. Then I start my work day. That’s when I go hard.

Describe your job in 5 words or fewer.

Overcoming daily challenges.

What is your favorite challenge of your role?

I get to solve problems and be innovative.

What do you love most about CourseKey?

Working with a group of relatively young people and trying to solve educational problems. I like coming into the office and interacting and brainstorming with coworkers who are also focused on solving problems.

What is your favorite memory from when you were a student?

The social extracurriculars and getting into my Computer Science major and not having to take any GE classes anymore.

If you could get on a plane to anywhere right now, where would you go?

I would go to Ibiza or Dubai. I just want that vibe of the Mediterranean or the Middle East.