Introducing New Attendance Settings & Student iPad App

new attendance and ipad

CourseKey Student on iPad

We’re live in the iPad App Store! In addition to accessing CourseKey through the web or as a native app on Android phones and iPhones, students can now download CourseKey as a native app to their iPads.

New Attendance Settings

Remove Late Attendance

Before: If an attendance session stopped before the end of the scheduled class time, a late period was automatically added to fill the remainder of the class.

Now: Instructors and administrators can remove late periods entirely from their attendance sessions. If you only want to collect attendance for the first ten minutes of class, you are no longer forced to include a late period after.

remove add late attendance

Customize Late Period

Before: Late attendance periods had to fill the remaining class time left after the on-time period ended.

Now: Instructors and administrators can customize the length of their late periods to be as short or long as they wish, regardless of how much time remains in the class after the on-time period ends. 

adjust late attendance period

Schedule Attendance Any Day

Before: Attendance sessions could only be scheduled within class meeting times on class meeting days.

Now: Attendance can be scheduled any day, any time. This comes in handy for taking attendance during finals, out of class events, or any other one-off meeting session for a class.

Improved Workflow to Change Attendance Technology

Before: To change your attendance technology, you had to click into the full attendance settings for a course and were prompted to schedule attendance with each technology change, even if attendance was already scheduled.

Now: Changing attendance technology is now its own dropdown option under settings and allows you to update the technology without updating scheduled attendance sessions.

change attendance technology

Bulk Delete Scheduled Attendance Sessions

Before: The option to bulk delete attendances was difficult to find.

Now: The option to bulk delete attendance sessions is its own option under the attendance settings drop down listing. This will delete future scheduled attendance sessions but will not delete completed attendance sessions.

delete scheduled attendance

Improved Connectivity Status Banners

In the past, connection disruption alerts appeared as temporary pop-ups at the bottom of the screen on CourseKey and had the potential to go unnoticed by students. To fix this, we have introduced a banner at the top of open assessments for students to see their connectivity status. This way, students will always know that their connection is stable when they are saving and submitting responses.

improved connectivity banners