CourseKey + Orbund integration

CourseKey automatically transfers attendance into Orbund

Career colleges can automatically transfer student data from multiple learning environments—on-ground, online, and externships—into Orbund. Orbund users now have a complete, immediate view of student progress across every learning environment while eliminating manual back-office tasks.

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Key Features

Collect Attendance in Any Environment

Orbund users can take attendance online, on-ground, and off-site with CourseKey using Face/Fingerprint ID, QR-code, GPS, or soundwave technology.

Scalable Solutions

Automated processes allow Orbund partner schools to grow and scale effectively.

Empower Students to Take Charge of Their Educational Journey

Students have a complete view of their attendance record and progress in the CourseKey mobile app, empowering them to take ownership over their education.

Better Visibility Improves Compliance and Retention

Administrators can see a campus-wide overview of total time awarded across learning environments and pull detailed time reports by students. Administrators can quickly determine which students are at risk and intervene. If a student cannot continue their education, administrators can have visibility into LDA to quickly begin R2T4 calculations.

Save Time and Improve Data Quality

Attendance data is automatically transferred to Orbund—no manual data entry required. Instructors and registrars get time back to focus on student development. Plus, compliance leaders have peace of mind knowing that data is free of human errors.

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