Your school is measured on job placement outcomes, but like most regulations, verifying job placement is no easy feat. New federal guidelines around gainful employment make streamlining student placement tracking more important than ever.


CourseKey helps you reach students through their entire journey by meeting students where they are: on their mobile devices. Your school can connect with former students and calculate placement rates faster to remain compliant and build your reputation.

Visibility beyond graduation day

Let’s be honest. When students are out your door, it’s like pulling teeth to get ahold of them again. Schools resort to calls, emails, and even cold-calling partners to get a close-to-accurate placement rate. 


CourseKey allows your staff to manage student placement outreach activities in a single location, maximizing efficiency and minimizing the potential for error.  

How we help


Schools spend significant time reaching out to students, partners, and other community businesses only to be met with silence, leading to inaccurate and incomplete placement rate data.

CourseKey helps you make decisions faster. We automate your attendance, grades, and other data collection to give you a real-time picture of student pace, progress, and risk at both the student and campus levels—no more pulling reports.


Even if you have accurate contact information for a student, the chances that they’ll actually answer are low. 




With CourseKey, your staff can incentivize students to provide placement answers, improving response rates.


When your staff spends so much time tracking down placements, they don’t have time to understand placement data and identify areas for improvement.  



CourseKey provides your staff with the insights they need to ensure they’re on track to remain compliant and focus their time on areas that need improvement.