How pricing works

We get it. Accurate attendance and automatically graded coursework sound great. Add in social channels for student communication plus real-time analytics on performance and learning and it sounds like a dream. But you’re reading our pricing page, so you’re probably curious about the bottom line right now.

Your goals in implementing CourseKey most likely aren’t identical to our most recent partner’s goals, so why should pricing be identical? To keep things fair, we’ve avoided a one-price-fits-all approach to make sure your price matches your size, programmatic needs, and institutional goals. The standard format is a one time starting fee with a monthly price beyond that.

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Don't just take our word for it

"Our registrars consistently tell me it was the best technology we've implemented."
Janis Paulson
Unitek College
"I approached the CourseKey team wanting to put it in class after my attendance dropped below fifty percent. Now, I have seen close to a 30 percent increase in attendance!"
Seth Kaplowitz
San Diego State University
"The classroom discussions were more productive because the students knew I would be asking them questions!"
Diane Cogan
University of Texas at Dallas
"Loved it last semester. I'm excited to utilize it even more this semester".
Jamie Jensen
Brigham Young University