Real-Time Attendance Dashboards And Reports

CourseKey Retain makes it easier than ever for your organization to identify at-risk students and execute proactive retention strategies. 

CourseKey Retain Is Your Command Center For Understanding Student Data.

CourseKey Retain turns raw data from the learning environment into easy-to-read real-time dashboards across campuses and partner sites, making it simple to spot risky student behaviors and take action as needed.

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Say Goodbye To Delayed Data.

Live Attendance

Visualize the attendance rosters for every active course across all campuses and partner sites to see if students are absent while the class is still happening.

Insights Dashboard

Keep the administrative pulse through various charts illustrating elements like enrollment numbers, absences, externship sites, attendance record adjustments, and more.

Exportable Reports

Export a variety of reports to assist you in your decision making, like adjustment summaries, instances of attendance deviating from policy, and more.

CourseKey Retain Benefits Your Entire Organization.

For Leadership

Leadership members gain access to real-time dashboards to understand the strength of their student body, programs, and courses without waiting for a module to end.

For Admins & Instructors

Admin staff are able to begin intervention outreach immediately by identifying absent and at-risk students as soon as they miss a check-in. Rather than waiting days or weeks to find out a student is missing hours, they can access that information right away.

For Students

Students receive outreach from your staff before it’s too late to keep them enrolled. Timely intervention is key to retention and your at-risk students will be more likely to stay enrolled.

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