Retention directly impacts your compliance, bottom line, and reputation. If you’re tracking attendance, grades, and other data manually, you’re missing important insights and delaying business decisions.


CourseKey’s Retention Dashboard pulls in data from your LMS, SIS, and other systems to give your school a clear, real-time view of at-risk students in one customizable dashboard, empowering your staff with the data they need. 


Calculate how much revenue could be walking out your door due to student drops

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“Retention is a critical part of the work we do, but measuring retention manually and discovering those early indicators proved difficult.”

Your data command center

You have the data you need to pull retention reports, but who has the time to track it down, ensure accuracy, then pull a report? When you’re held to 30-day R2T4 windows, 14-day drop rules, and monthly student status reporting, you need accurate data and you need it fast.


CourseKey’s Retention Dashboard visualizes your data in one clear dashboard to enable student success – no more calculating, spreadsheeting, or delayed insights. You can understand your retention position with a glance and spot trends before they become a problem. 

How we help


When data is delayed or stored in Excel spreadsheets, reporting takes time and your business decisions could be delayed.

CourseKey helps you make decisions faster. We automate your attendance, grades, and other data collection to give you a real-time picture of student pace, progress, and risk at both the student and campus levels—no more pulling reports.


When you’re pulling data to measure a point in time, it’s difficult to view the larger picture and spot the negative trends that could impact students.

With CourseKey, you can spot long-term trends in the student journey. We collect, store, and visualize all your data so you can retain more students and minimize the number of students who leave with debt but no certificate.


When your data is stored in spreadsheets and static documents, it’s siloed and disjointed. Decision-makers only have the data for campuses or programs and are missing a business-wide view.

CourseKey filters data on a program, campus, instructor, and school-wide level, helping you compare different programs. You can draw insights from high-performing programs and use them to improve programs that need extra support.