Introducing Scheduled Assessments


CourseKey is excited to announce a new feature available to instructors: Scheduled Assessments.

Now you have the ability to schedule assessments as homework assignments or quizzes to be taken outside of class time. By selecting start and stop times weeks or even months beforehand, you can administer assessments without having to press a button to start or stop the assessment time period.

Plan Ahead

To schedule an assessment, you can use the “more options” function on an unsent assessment to assign a start and end time. By scheduling in advance, you don’t have to anxiously wait by your computer to manually start and end the assessment time period when the correct time comes.

Imagine that you want to assign a mandatory quiz for your students to complete over the coming weekend. You want your students to take the quiz between 9pm on Friday night and 6am on Monday morning. With the schedule assessments feature, no longer do you have to stay up late on Friday night to press the “Start” button or wake up early on Monday morning to click the “End” button. Because you scheduled the quiz earlier in the week, you can enjoy a movie night with your kids on Friday evening and get a healthy amount of sleep the following Monday morning. 

Schedule Assessment 2

No More Missed Deadlines

Not only do scheduled assessments benefit instructors, they benefit students too. Through the app, students can go to the assessment section of their course and see all of their open assessments with the corresponding close date. In addition, they can see all future assessments the instructor has scheduled for the course, meaning that they won’t miss any deadlines.

You can plan out assessments for the upcoming week, month, or your entire program! We’re excited to deliver this feature to you, resulting in increased convenience of conducting your assignments. Happy scheduling! 

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