Skills Tracker

Digitally Track Student Skill Progression

CourseKey’s Skills Tracker helps schools and students keep track of their progress toward graduation in real time, eliminating the pitfalls of paper checklists.

Calculate how much time digitizing student skill tracking could save your school.

Skills Tracking Built For Career Education

Eliminate Paper Problems

Digital skills tracking eliminates the possibility for fraud and lost or damaged sheets.

Complete Progress Visibility

Complete visibility into progress motivates students, allowing them to make decisions that support their progress towards graduation.

Streamline Instructor Approval

Instructors save time signing dozens of worksheets and can approve or reject skills with the touch of a button.

Modernizing Skills Tracking Processes For All

Bobby Willey, Future Professional Advisor, Paul Mitchell The School – Memphis

For Leadership & Campus Administrators

Gain real-time view into student progression

Administrators save hours on worksheet data entry, student progress updates, and back and forth communication with instructors, empowering them to spend more time on student success.

For Administrators & Instructors

Streamline approval processes

Instructors can approve skills with the touch of a button. If a skill is rejected, instructors leave a note explaining the reason for the rejection for students and administrators to review.

For Students

Provide students around the clock access to their own progress

Students gain complete visibility into their program progression without relying on staff for progress updates—giving them accountability over their education.

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