Success stories



After receiving findings for delayed R2T4 processes in externship programs, Unitek leaders knew they needed a better way to determine LDA. They implemented CourseKey’s secure attendance solution to gain a real-time view of LDA to streamline Title IV processes and reduce findings.


“One of the discoveries we had when we implemented CourseKey is that it allowed us to have insight into our instructors and when class started and ended. We didn’t have that before. Thanks to CourseKey we can prove that instructors are starting and ending class on time, and meeting the requirements of the program.”


Ena Hull


Legacy Education


“We used to have to show our auditors inches and inches of paper. In our most recent VA audit, we gave the auditor an option between the folders of data or the CourseKey report and she chose the CourseKey report. She gave us kudos for having a system that would timestamp everyone down to the minute.”  

Michelle Perrigo
Director of Compliance
Divers Institute of Technology

2R2A6651 (2)

“If i’m feeding grades into CourseKey, attendance into CourseKey, if I need exact minutes, CourseKey is always going to be able to prove it, and I can always match it to our SIS. I  never have to worry about the two being off.  ” 

Damon Fugett
DeHart Technical School


When High Desert Medical College implemented CourseKey to improve compliance and back-office processes, it came with an unexpected result: An increase in student engagement. Read our case study to learn how CourseKey got students literally running to class.


“CourseKey creates a different level of accountability for students because now there’s no budging or arguing, it is what it is, and you can see that there’s no guesswork for anyone. It has been a game changer for the students.”


Bobby Willey
Future Professional Advisor
Paul Mitchell The School – Memphis


“You better clear out of the hallway about 5 minutes before 8:00 am because students are literally running to class so they can check in on time because they know they’re being recorded. It creates a heightened sense of accountability while easing the administrative burden on the faculty.”

Ena Hull
Legacy Education

2R2A6138 (1)

“CourseKey takes the accountability and puts it back on the student, which I appreciate because it focuses them on their time, how much time they have left in the course, what they need to complete, and see what work they have to make up.” 

Brian Scott
Bellus Academy


Bellus Academy eliminated the administrative burden of time and attendance from instructors to give them more time to focus on what matters: Student success.


“With CourseKey, I know where my students are and if they’re on pace. I know if they’re falling off pace I actually have the time to have a conversation with them because I’m not so busy tracking their information.” 


Damon Fugett
DeHart Technical School


“It’s awesome to have CourseKey because I can track all the different things I have going on such as my attendance, grades, progress, projects, and due dates in one place. It keeps me on track and helps me see the progression of where I’m going.” 

Chad Jove
High Desert Medical College


“My job is to bring out the best in my students because sometimes they don’t know what they’re capable of. With CourseKey I can focus more on my students and not worry about the time or attendance.”

Irma Liras
Spa Nail Instructor
Bellus Academy