Time & Attendance

All CourseKey attendance offerings leverage location-based technologies so you can trust that everyone who gets credit for being in class is actually present.

attendance tracked by sound technology
sound attendance

Sound Technology

Our patent-pending technology enables instructors to play an inaudible tone from their device, once the students' devices pick up the tone they can check in for class. Since sound cannot travel through doors or walls, sound attendance ensures they are within the classroom.

gps attendance

GPS Technology

Our patented GPS solution allows administrators to build geofences around site locations, no matter whether it is an academic building, externship site, or off-site location. When students are on location, they can check in for points or time.

scheduled attendance


Attendance sessions can be scheduled ahead of time to eliminate any effort from the instructor. Additionally, real-time attendance data is visualized in administrative dashboards to keep the pulse on the organization.

Attendance Check-Ins

Paper-Free Attendance Tracking
boosts efficiency, retention, & compliance

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