What's New: Assessment Tweaks

We’ve released a few tweaks to our assessments to make CourseKey smoother for you and your students. This update was released 3.17.18 and is live across all platforms.

Internet Connection Communication

  • We’ve introduced a banner inside the assessment so students always know whether their device has a stable connection. As long as students are connected to the network, their answers will be saved without issue.
assessment answers saved successfully
Stable connection
assessment no connection
Broken connection

Auto Save Answers

  • CourseKey now auto saves all answers every 15 seconds, as well as auto saving an updated answer any time a student changes their answer to a previously saved question.

Reviewing Assessments and Unanswered Questions

  • Now when a student submits an assessment, they will be given the option to review their answer choices or return to the home screen. Reviewing their answer choices will let them double-check for confidence in the strength of their responses. They can make and submit changes to their answers as long as the assessment is still active.

  • If a student had missed or skipped any questions in the assessment, they will receive a notification alerting them. Students are now given the option to return to their incomplete questions to avoid submitting an incomplete assessment.
assessment unanswered
Incomplete assessment
assessment review
Review-ready assessment

Live Results Improvement

  • Improved functionality of live results counters so instructors have an accurate gauge on question completion.

We want you and your students to be successful and love every minute you spend interacting with CourseKey. If you have ideas on how we can further improve the CourseKey experience, you can call, email, or live chat with our team. You can also join the conversation in the CourseKey Community.

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