Why A Great Client Success Team Is Key To Tech Implementation

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are adopting technology to digitize their classrooms and improve many aspects of their operations.

If your school is looking to adopt new technology, there’s one aspect of the process that is instrumental to receiving the most value and return on investment which often goes overlooked — a proven client success team.

Read on to learn why the strength of your vendor’s client success team can be make or break.

Training Sessions To Bring Your Team Up To Speed

For schools to receive the most value from the technology they implement, each person who will be using it needs to fully understand when, why, and how to use it. Tech vendors with the best client success teams will have adequate training sessions for users to make sure the school is getting the most out of the tech as quickly as possible.

Without proper guidance, learning new technology can feel complex. There can be many new concepts, terminologies, or workflows that take some getting used to, especially when digitizing tasks that were previously done using pen and paper. Through training sessions to quickly familiarize users with the technology, a great client success team will make even a steep learning curve feel easy.

Not only do training sessions make sure each user is brought up to speed, but they also take the burden of training staff out of the school’s hands. When poor vendor training support forces one person from the school to spearhead the implementation process and to train everyone involved on their side, it can cause problems. The individual responsible for training their staff may not be comfortable enough with the technology yet to ensure their colleges fully understand how to use it. Training sessions done with a client success team, on the other hand, can make sure everyone planning to use the technology will understand how to use it properly in every scenario.

Ensuring Quick & Smooth Implementation

During any kind of change to operations, speedy implementation is always ideal. This is especially true for career colleges, which run modular programs with little to no downtime in between mods. Without the reliability and guidance of a client success team, the implementation process may take longer than desired and can cause complications for faculty.

A great client success team will have a step-by-step plan in place to ensure the quickest implementation possible. With a thought-out plan that has proven to work for other implementations, a client success team can make sure the process stays on track.

Learn how CourseKey’s client success team can set your school up with the Career Education Platform in a matter of days. 

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Along with keeping the implementation process on track, a great client success team will be able to navigate any unforeseen issues to keep the process smooth.

Client success teams are trained in change management. Making a significant change to operations can bring about some initial resistance, but a client success team knows how to get everyone who will be using the system bought-in and keep everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal.

Through countless previous implementations, client success teams have the tools and knowledge to make sure the process goes smoothly. They will have a solution or workaround for just about any issue that may arise. In some cases, they may have even predicted an issue and planned how to tackle it ahead of time.

What Makes CourseKey’s Client Success Team Unique

At CourseKey, we’re incredibly proud of our client success team. As the direct point of contact with our partner schools, we know how vital they are to ensuring our partner schools have a great experience. There are a few things that set CourseKey’s team apart from other client success teams.

Quick Turnaround

Many new tech implementations can take several weeks, or even months, to finish. With CourseKey, however, our client success team can get a school up and running within two weeks. In some cases, the implementation process only takes a few days.

CourseKey also provides live training sessions as well as self-paced training sessions to make sure no stone goes unturned in the implementation process. And the day before the platform launches, CourseKey’s success team holds a town-hall meeting to cover any last minute questions or concerns the partner school has.

Making Sure Staff & Faculty Understand Each User Experience

Since the platform involves both students and staff members, our client success team ensures that staff members understand their side of the platform as well as the student side. During the training sessions, staff members actually use the platform as if they were students so that they can experience the student app. That way, when students inevitably have questions, staff members are able to help them.

Easily Accessible

CourseKey’s client success team prides itself on being reachable at all times. Whether it’s through an email, phone call, or text message, our team is very accessible.

For example, when Alicia Anderson of SFIEC had an issue, she would message her Client Success Manager, Todd Northup, and have an answer within an hour max. When she called she experienced no hold time. She would sometimes message him at 9pm at night and Todd would be available to help her figure out an issue.

CourseKey also uses a robust ticketing system that alerts the client success team anytime an issue is submitted by a user, making sure no request slips through the cracks.

Partnering, Not Purchasing

When you adopt technology, you’re not just buying a product or service. You’re choosing a vendor to work with to achieve your goals and overcome your challenges. The next time you consider implementing new technology, make sure you ask about the client success and/or support team that you will be working closely with. A great client success team will help make sure your roll out is quick and smooth while helping your school deal with any issues that may arise after implementation.

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