Winning With Mobile: Part 1

Technology has a profound effect on our lives. We utilize it to make tasks easier, more accurate, and less stressful. Businesses use technology to automate different processes, resulting in increased production and efficiency. As time goes by, we will continue to find ways for technology to influence our lives for the better. So far, the benefits have been drastically impactful. One aspect of technology that has become prevalent in our daily lives is mobile devices. We carry them around with us almost everywhere we go and spend much of our day interacting with them.

Here at CourseKey, we believe mobile technology should be utilized and leveraged by higher education institutions in their brick and mortar classrooms and labs, and by clinical and externship sites to make life easier for instructors and registrars, in addition to improving the education for students. CourseKey enables your institution to improve accreditation compliance, operational efficiency, and student retention by digitizing tedious manual operations, analyzing data in real-time, and transferring data between departments electronically. Let CourseKey take care of mundane tasks so that institutional staff can focus more on the students and their educational experience.

Proven Effectiveness

CourseKey’s mission is to build paper-free learning environments that allow organizations to collect, measure, and understand real-time learning at scale. One school that has embraced our mission is Unitek College, a private, ACCSC accredited institution operating in Northern California since 2002. With multiple campuses having received the ACCSC “School of Excellence” distinction, they are one of the leading providers of healthcare and nursing education on the west coast. Up until 2018, Unitek struggled with pen and paper based time and attendance processes, especially in externship and clinical sites. Their manual data entry operations led to data inaccuracies, poor and illegible documentation, inadequate process controls, and delays due to data entry. Students, Instructors, registrars, and accrediting officers were understandably frustrated. Unitek needed a faster, more reliable way to record accurate attendance data and share it amongst interested stakeholders. Unitek started using CourseKey to digitize their attendance taking processes, and the benefits were stunning. Now, with the help of CourseKey, Unitek has automated time-based attendance for improved accuracy and real-time analysis, and has experienced seamless integration of data to and from their SIS. Ena Hull, Senior Vice President of Student Financial Services and Title IV Compliance of Unitek, had this to say about CourseKey: “Our faculty love it because their administrative burden of tracking rosters is virtually almost eliminated. Literally it’s gone. They can now spend this time teaching and not doing all of this work because the systems are in place to capture it.”

Scraping the Surface

Unitek was able to dramatically improve their operational efficiency using only one of CourseKey’s many features. CourseKey offers a handful of different ways to help organizations collect, measure, and understand real-time learning data at scale, which allows schools to customize our solution to fit their strengths and weaknesses. In this series, you’ll learn about the five main features of CourseKey that help schools increase efficiency, compliance, and retention. At the end, you’ll have a much better understanding of the benefits CourseKey brings to your organization. The first feature that we will be covering next week has to do with improving class relationships and can be found in this collection of letters: OLASIC

Stay tuned for part 2 of our “Winning With Mobile” blog series. In the meantime, feel free to check out our new website,, or have one of our team members walk you through the platform by scheduling a demo below.

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