Winning With Mobile: Part 3

We return to our blog series, “Winning With Mobile,” where we delve into how schools use CourseKey’s features to increase efficiency, compliance, and retention. This week, we will focus on a feature of CourseKey that is highly important to, and indicative of, student success: assessments and evaluations. By providing digital options to push assessments, polls, quizzes, and more, CourseKey helps institutions increase operational efficiency in classrooms, clinicals, and externships, grants instructors and students faster insights into performance, saves paper, and boosts student engagement in class.

Achieving Best Practices While Boosting Efficiency

CourseKey’s assessments and evaluations allow program directors to control, assess, and standardize content through customizable assessment creation, boosting their operational efficiency. With nine different question types, content creators have creative control over what sort of content gets built and can tailor the assessments to match program requirements. Standardizing their content allows them to recreate assessments for use in the future. Program directors can ensure quality control, reusing their custom content to know that students are being evaluated adequately on a consistent basis and instructors are testing for the correct material. Once instructors and program directors have worked together to build content, they can designate correct answers for each assessment, allowing the assessments to be graded instantly through CourseKey, saving instructors grading and preparation time each week.

Instead of conducting clinical evaluations and competency checks manually in clinicals, labs, and externships, CourseKey digitizes these assessments, which dramatically increases operational efficiency for the site and the school. Clinical instructors and site supervisors can conduct the assessments and evaluate the student using any mobile device. Digital evaluations in clinics are especially beneficial because results can be instantly shared with the school and with the student, saving days of back and forth administrative processes. When students promptly receive feedback, they can assess their strengths and weaknesses and start implementing changes right away.

Grades At Lightning Speed

Being able to review performance instantly is a huge advantage of digitizing assessments and evaluations for both instructors and students. With paper-based assessments, students must wait days or even weeks to find out how they did on an exam and how that performance will affect their overall grade for the course. All that time spent waiting to know their comprehension level of the material could be used reviewing the parts of the content that they struggled with on an exam. With CourseKey’s instant grading, however, students are able to review their performance right away, giving them ample time to seek assistance and get back on track without skipping a beat. While studying for future exams, students can refer to their mobile device, which has all past assessments and answers stored within the app. Additionally, instructors also save hours of time each week that would normally be used to grade exams, and can instead spend that time assisting students, preparing for future classes, and more.

Save The Trees

A somewhat obvious advantage of utilizing digital assessments and evaluations is that it saves an extensive amount of paper. But the impact can not go understated. Think about how much paper is used to conduct traditional assessments and evaluations. An exam may take up three pages, in addition to a scantron or answer sheet to record answers. aImagine you have twenty students in a classroom. That’s already 80 pieces of paper. Now let’s say you conduct a similar exam three times in a program. And multiply that by four courses. You’re up to 960 pieces of paper. By replacing paper exams with digital assessments, schools save spending on paper and eliminate the cost of printing ink, which frees up more money to be allocated to other resources. Through CourseKey, schools save money and contribute to preserving Earth’s resources, which will be expected by not just schools, but all organizations and businesses in the near future.

Keep Students Involved

In addition to increasing efficiency, gaining faster insight into student progression, and saving paper, CourseKey’s digital assessment boosts student engagement by adding an interactive component to the classroom. Included in the nine different question types are polls, which are a popular way to quickly engage the students with the course material. Instructors can conduct these assessments multiple times in the duration of class to keep students involved and focused.

Taking Advantage Of Digital

CourseKey’s customizable assessments and evaluations solution allows schools to create and standardize best practices, increasing operational efficiency of classrooms, clinicals, and externships while granting students and instructors much faster insight into student performance. The substantial amount of time saved can be used by students to improve comprehension and by instructors to prepare for future classes. CourseKey’s digital assessment solution saves tons of paper per year, cutting costs on paper and ink, and keeps students engaged throughout class, enhancing their in class experience. These benefits all contribute to creating a better educational experience for everyone involved, which enables institutions to increase efficiency, compliance, and retention. Across 90 campuses nationwide, CourseKey users are experiencing the power of digitizing assessments and evaluations, with almost 700,000 assessments administered so far.

If you missed last week’s edition of “Winning With Mobile” about how CourseKey’s social features help create learning communities for students to flourish in, you can find it here. Stay tuned for part four next week, where we will discuss the advantage of carrying study materials with you on the go. See if you can guess the feature in this word jumble: KOBOES


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