Winning With Mobile: Part 4

Welcome to the fourth part of “Winning With Mobile”! We have surpassed the halfway point of our blog series. Thank you to those who have been following along each week.

Today, we will take a closer look at CourseKey’s eBook solution. eBooks have been around for more than 20 years, but only recently have become more popular and effective due to new technology, design, and capabilities. With the rapid improvement of mobile devices over the past decade, the option to effectively use eBooks is more realistic for students than ever before. Implementing eBooks is a great way for schools to support their students and show that they’re making an effort to cater to the modern students’ way of learning. Schools that do so see an average decrease in withdrawal rates of 2.39%. Clearly, CourseKey’s eBooks feature helps schools increase student retention. But for what reasons? Let’s dive in.

Enhanced Annotation

As a student, I always enjoyed having a physical textbook to study from. I liked having the option to mark pages, highlight information, make notes, etc. I felt like I retained the information better through handwritten interaction with the material. I wasn’t very open to eBooks because I thought I would have to change the way I studied. It turns out, my way of studying would translate perfectly to eBooks, and I would even have other annotation options that physical textbooks didn’t offer. One capability is being able to search keywords or phrases within the textbook to find a certain section of the material or track down a part of the book the user wants to go back to. Another helpful capability is the ability to build flashcards directly within eBooks to create custom study guides for review before any important tests and quizzes. With so many options to annotate and engage with the material, every student will have the ability to review the content in a way that is productive for them, yielding more positive outcomes.

Studying On The Go

A huge advantage of using eBooks is the ability to study on the go using mobile devices. Many students are busy during the hours they aren’t in class, whether they’re working, taking care of children, etc. They have very little downtime, and the free time they do have may come during times of the day in between obligations. For example, students who ride the bus to and from class can utilize that time to work on their studies because they have all of their course materials in their pocket. Gone are the days of lugging around heavy book bags that at the end of the day can cause back pain in 20+ year olds.

student reading an ebook at a bus stop

Knocking Down Barriers

Traditionally, before the first day of class, students receive a list of books required by the program so that instructors can start referencing the material on day one. Schools expect students to acquire the books before class, but in reality, most students lag behind and don’t procure their books in advance. There are a few reasons that explain why students wait so long. Some assigned books are only available in certain stores and students don’t have the time or means of transportation to go get them. Even the limited number of books available can prevent students from getting them on time. Whatever the reason, eBooks eradicate all of the problems that keep students from acquiring their books because they can be easily downloaded to a mobile device within seconds. This ensures that students are equipped with the materials they need to succeed from the beginning.

Upgraded Study Materials In Your Pocket

CourseKey eBooks allow students to easily obtain the required course materials and study in unconventional places, but the biggest advantage they provide is utilizing the study practices only eBooks can offer. With enhanced annotation capabilities such as color coding, bookmarking, in-text definitions, and more, students can review specific sections of material and examine much more targeted content for more efficient and productive studying. Students can interact more effectively with the course material, therefore keeping them on track to graduate. In fact, 84% of students with access to eBooks on day one earn a final course grade of 80% or better.

CourseKey’s digital catalog contains more than 600,000 titles. Chances are, we already have the digital copies of your books!

Is your school ready to give your students the resources they need to thrive in their programs? Schedule a demo with a member of our team below. We’ll be taking a break from our “Winning With Mobile” series next week to honor something very dear to all of us, but we’ll have part five ready for you the following week. If you missed part three, which talked about digital assessments and evaluations, you can read it here.

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