Solutions — Enrollment




When administrators don’t have access to first-day-of-attendance data, you’re delaying Title IV drawdown.


CourseKey gives you a real-time view of student attendance starting on day one. You can identify absent students and begin outreach immediately, protecting the resources you invested in recruiting and enrollment. 

Act Faster to Get Students in the Door

In order for a potential student to become an active student—and eligible for Title IV funds—at least one hour of time must be posted into the SIS. Unfortunately, administrators lack visibility into the student journey from the day they sign their enrollment agreement to the first day of class.


CourseKey gives staff the tools and visibility they need to get students from enrolled to active. Staff can automate welcome and enrollment processes to ensure students are prepared for day one, and intervene faster if a student doesn’t walk through the door.

How we help


The longer it takes to determine first day of attendance, the longer it takes for your school to receive Title IV revenue—dollars that could have already been spent preparing for the student’s arrival.

CourseKey gives your staff a real-time view into first day of attendance, allowing your finance office to begin Title IV drawdown an hour after class starts.


If you don’t have a real-time view into first day of attendance, you don’t know which students didn’t make it through the door—and which resources are at-risk.

With CourseKey, your staff can begin reaching out to absent students immediately, getting them into class, or getting them rescheduled for a later start day.


The goal is to get enrolled students through the door, but if you can’t look at trends over time, you can’t identify blockers in the enrollment process.

CourseKey empowers administrators to identify enrollment trends and risks, and implement new enrollment processes to help more students make it to day one.